Native shrublands in a hotter Los Angeles region

Project Summary

Climate change may have dramatic consequences for ecosystems in transitional climate zones such as southern California. This project sets up a new monitoring system to quantify the ecosystem functioning of native shrublands in the Los Angeles region, providing urgently needed data to evaluate the role of long-term water stress associated with climate change on the growth and water use of native plants. Field measurements produced by the monitoring system combined with model simulations could shed light on the relationship between native plants, access to water, and ecosystem health. The research advances the state of knowledge on the interplay of factors shaping the water stress response of native plants, and provide new insights into ecosystem dynamics of shrublands in the Los Angeles region.

Research Team

Ulrike Seibt
Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences, Physical Sciences

Lawren Sack
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Life Sciences

Other Information of Interest

Project image of Los Angeles Area Shrubland


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