Standardization of Green Jobs Classification Across Los Angeles City Departments

Project Summary

Los Angeles has already made significant steps towards achieving short term water and energy goals, according to the Sustainable City pLAn. Taking sustainable action to the next level will require aligning municipal departments and agencies and identifying space for environmental organization. This project involved work on the legal implications of the Low Income Car-share project. To analyze the implications of the new program, Chambeshi assessed sustainable job creation benefits and the status of greenhouse gas emissions. The study offers  a process for measuring the amount of sustainability-oriented jobs being created which can be used to gage impact on the economy and the city's sustainability aims. L.A.'s ability to organize and evaluate municipal agencies will provide progress oversight for sustainability and help the city target departments and provide incentives. Additionally, the revised standards on greenhouse gas emissions give entities more accurate measurements on their emission levels. Together, these findings provide a stronger foundation for the city to structure its positions and programs to suit sustainability expectations. With more intentional job development and allocation and up-to-date emission standards, Los Angeles is better prepared to tackle the challenges of reaching water, energy, and ecosystem goals.  

Research Team

Wajenda Chambeshi
Public Policy, Luskin School of Public Affairs

Advisor: Steve Commins
Urban Planning, Luskin School of Public Affairs

Advisor: Michael Lofchie
Political Science, Social Sciences

Advisor: Matt Petersen
President and CEO of the Los Angeles Clean Tech Incubator (LACI), Former Chief Sustainability Officer for the City of Los Angeles


Los Angeles Mayor's Office of Sustainability

Progress and Results

Chambeshi assembled sustainable job development data for the 2nd annual Sustainability report and began the standardization process of green job classification across city departments. The green job evaluation can be used in future sustainability reports and determine the impact of jobs on economy and environmental goals. Chambeshi also drafted a report on standardizing greenhouse gas emissions that will assist the California cap and trade program that uses market regulation and permitting to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.    

Project Photo of an Electric Vehicle in the BlueLA Electric Vehicle Carshare Fleet

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