Tandem Photovoltaic-Battery Device for Next Generation Concomitant Energy Harvesting and Storage

Project Summary

Solar energy is the world's most abundant clean source of energy. The Sustainable LA Grand Challenge provides a unique opportunity to exploit this resource and significantly enhance energy self-sufficiency in Los Angeles. UCLA researchers Bruce Dunn and Yang Yang have led an innovative research program based on the pioneering technology under development in the areas of batteries and photovoltaics. This research integrates the two technologies into a single device that converts sunlight into energy, while storing that energy in batteries for later use. Currently, this technology is at a nascent stage and although flexible photovoltaics and batteries have been demonstrated individually, a tandem device is yet to be realized. Recent research can enable the development of a flexible, thin-film tandem device. These features are paramount to integrating this device into architectural elements such as window coverings, awnings, and panels in homes, and both commercial and public buildings. Development of this breakthrough technology allows energy harvesting and storage to become part of daily life.

Research Team

Bruce Dunn
Materials Science & Engineering, 
Henry Samueli School of Engineering & Applied Sciences

Yang Yang
Materials Science & Engineering, Henry Samueli School of Engineering & Applied Sciences

Kevin Daly
Architecture & Urban Design, School of the Arts & Architecture 

Other Information of Interest

Project image showing Professor Yang holding an example of the developed solar material


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